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About Leah Pallin-Hill


  • Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner/Judge pro tem from 1997-2002 and Judge pro tem, 2002-2004. Ms. Pallin-Hill brings a unique perspective to the mediation table and can help you move cases to final resolution quickly and efficiently at less cost than litigation

  • Immediately prior to appointment to the bench, Of Counsel at the law firm of Gallagher and Kennedy

  • 150 + hours of mediation training including Mediating the Litigated Case and Mediating Construction Disputes at the Pepperdine College of Law

  • Graduated cum laude from both Brooklyn College and the Arizona State University College of Law

  • Law clerk for former Chief Justice Stanley Feldman at the Arizona Supreme Court and for Eino Jacobson at the Arizona Court of Appeals

Why Use Leah Pallin-Hill’s Mediation and Arbitration Services?

Alternative dispute resolution is a waste of time if it doesn't work. Ms. Pallin-Hill has had over 150 hours of mediation training and five years of experience on the bench. She has settled hundreds of cases both from the bench and in settlement conferences. You will find that she is a "get the job done" type of mediator and that she won't waste your time.

Her judicial experience enables her to intelligently and efficiently arbitrate your case. She knows how to run a courtroom, and you can be sure that you will receive a well-reasoned written decision that your clients will understand.

Benefits of ADR

  • Quicker resolution
  • Flexibility: The parties, not the court, control scheduling
  • Less Cost
  • Less stress
  • Less time off from work
  • Confidentiality
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Solutions can be customized
  • Finality: eliminates uncertainty of trial and appeals
  • Ability to maintain ties: mediation helps preserve relationships if future interaction is expected
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